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In conversations I often want to recommend a favourite site to someone but can't remember the URL. So here is a selection of my favourite or most useful sites for anyone interested.  Let me know if you find them useful.

Quick links: Archers - Authors - Cancer research screensaver - Causes & charities - Cinema - Colours - Copyright etc - Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence screensaver - Games (Scrabble etc) - Genealogy/Family History - Health & Safety - Language - Leeds - Librarians' image, Library humour, etc - Librarianship - Maps - MiscellaneousPhone book - Political parties - Politics: other stuff - Sailing ships -   Scrabble etc - Screensavers, Useful- SETI- Transport - Unions Universities - Walking - Web stuff

A helpful button: (And there are several others on the same site: it's an almost effortless way to do a little good.  See more useful stuff under "Screensavers"!) Link to The Hunger Site
Archers Archers site  Chris Harrison / Lowfield - daily summaries, links etc, can subscribe to weekly emailed summaries
  BBC Archers site the official line - includes "Listen again" to catch up on the previous week's episodes
  Archers Addicts run by the cast
  Archers Anarchists "The Archers are real: there is no cast"
  UMRA  the home page of the news group
  The Archers as Postmodern Drama  An M.A. thesis by Linda Tame
   The Archers on Wikipedia  includes summaries of the families
Authors Dorothy Dunnett 1923-2001.  wonderful author of the Lymond and Niccolo books, King Hereafter, and the Johnson Johnson tales.  Bill Marshall now hosts the pages which were at James Thin bookseller's until their Jan 2002 liquidation
Dorothy Dunnett Readers Association - DDRA  For enthusiasts of the above - produces the quarterly fanzine "Whispering Gallery"
  Lindsey Davis author of the "Falco" books: her own web site
Causes and charities Amnesty International  
 Breakthrough Generations Study massive survey into causes of breast cancer, involving 100,000 women over the next 40 years - volunteers still needed as at May 07
  Cafe Direct the company
  Environmental Transport Association the green breakdown service
  Friends of the Earth  
Leeds Fair Trade City
  National Blood Service "Do something amazing today".  Go on, be a blood donor! Pages include times of all local sessions
  New Internationalist pages  a good read
  One World  
  Out of this World  Shops in Newcastle, Nottingham, York and LEEDS, selling organic and fair-traded goods  
  Shared Interest  use some of your savings to help fair trade
  UK Social investment forum  
Cinema IMDb Internet Movie Database, UK mirror site
SCOOT cinema finder Choose a film and an area, and see where it's on
  Hyde Park Picture House, Headingley
  Cottage Road,  Headingley Saved from closure July2005, now part of Northern Morris group
  Vue Leeds (The Light)  
Odeon, Leeds-Bradford
Showcase, Leeds (Birstall)
Vue, Leeds (Kirkstall)  
  Leeds International Film Festival Last year's and/or this year's festival
Colours My test chart my early experiments in colours
  VisiBone color laboratory see colours and combinations of them - very clever site
Copyright etc UoL Rights info pages based on my compilation - lots of useful info
Games (Scrabble etc) The Scrabble Challenge Kevin Cowtan's splendid communal game  - back online after a gap
  Robot Ricochet ditto
  Free Cell read all about it, including the unwinnable deal
  Jigzone Online jigsaws to solve by click-and-drag: huge range of pictures and cut patterns
Sudoku Daily online game at choice of 4 levels  of difficulty, with scope to enter "possibles", a timer, comments from other users, and a pretty picture when you complete!
  Addoku, Wild Words, Sudoku   great timewasting potential 
Guardian "Killer"  Fiendish  "Addoku" every Saturday 
Genealogy / Family history Bratherton page My own one-name study, fairly rudimentary as yet. Also can be found as
  Commonwealth War Graves Commission details of all 1st/2nd WW deaths in UK/commonwealth forces, plus WW2 civilian fatalities
  CyndisList extraordinary US compilation of 200,000+ links
  Dynamic Family Tree clever bit of software: input a Gedcom file, output a web page of a family tree which offers various information as you move your mouse around it
  Family search Mormon (Latter-Day Saints) site which gets up to 100 million hits a day - vast amounts of information transcribed from parish records etc
  FreeBMD Wonderful international volunteer project transcribing all the 1837-1983 indexes to UK registers of Births Marriages and Deaths. Use it (incomplete as yet, and very little data online post-1905), and/or offer your services to transcribe (click on "Join FreeBMD").
  GENUKI starting point for UK and Ireland genealogy - at country / county / parish level
  Guild of One-Name Studies (GOON) specialists in a single surname (I'm a member registered for Bratherton)
  Kith and Kin / SpanSoft Spansoft software company produces "Kith and Kin" and "TreeDraw" software which I use
  Origins Various English info for 1538 to 1850 from the Society of Genealogists; 22,350 pages of Irish info. Pay to see details. Previous Scottish content now on "Scotlands People"
  RootsWeb large US site , includes resources and tutorials
  Scotland's People From the General Register Office for Scotland: census (1881, 1891, 1901) and parish records info
  Surnames / Taliesin Surname frequencies from NHS database of 55million people in England and Wales
Surname Atlas Surname atlas to 1881 census is available on CDROM: this link is to Archer Software who produce and sell it.
Surname Profiler UCL project with distribution maps 1881 and 1998
  UK 1901 census online Full of transcription errors (eg my great-grandfather BraTHErton's household all appeared as BraLLIOrton until corrected), but still a splendid resource. Search free, pay (by voucher or credit card) to see details or images of original records.
Health and Safety Health and Safety TUC site
  RSI Association Archive of the former Repetitive Strain Injury Association (UK)
  Internet Safety Resource US-based Christie List
  HSE UK Health and Safety Executive
   RNID "Breaking the sound barrier" Test your hearing over the phone - see the web page or just dial 0845 600 5555
Language World Wide Words Michael Quinion's fascinating site on the joys of the English language - you can subscribe to a weekly email service
  Chaos - poem about English spelling extraordinary poem about our wonderfully inconsistent spelling / pronunciation, by Gerard Nolst Trenité
Guardian style guide a helpful set of rules for the use of English
Leeds Leeds City Council web site includes planning applications system called Public Access with amazingly detailed maps of Leeds.
Leeds City Library catalogue ... and online resources including Oxford English Dictionary (but you need to go to Central Library for their subscription to
  Leeds Civic Trust includes planning applications in the city centre and the Trust's comments thereon
  Leeds SuperTram the (now unlikely) future ... traffic chaos on the A660 while they build it!
  VR Leeds panoramic views including some of campus
  Yorkshire Evening Post  
  Yorkshire Post  
Librarians' image, library humour, etc Librarian Avengers morale-booster: includes "Why you should fall to your knees and worship a Librarian"! Previously known as "Thwart not the Librarian". New URL, July 2003.
  Belly-dancing librarians with links to various other "image" sites
  Librarian doll dreadful, dreadful... ! (You'll need to register, free, to read this archived article from Seattle Times)
  Library humour from IFLA
Library songs lots of songs about libraries, with lyrics!
  Lipstick Librarian classic of its genre
  Wear lipstick, have a tattoo, belly-dance, then get naked... ... the making of a virtual librarian. One from the UK, in contrast to the above US sites.  Paper by Antony Brewerton, Impact, 2(10) Nov-Dec 1999. Includes links to the above and many others.
Librarianship Library & Related resources Ian Tilsed of Exeter's comprehensive site (not working Jan06)
  Web sites Leeds University Library staff e-library (web sites)
  E-Journals Leeds University Library staff e-library (e-journals)
  Web4lib for librarianly webmasters - this is the archive; you can also join the list
Maps Ordnance Survey site includes free downloadable maps and monthly calendar/wallpaper
  Old Maps - 19th C. OS search by address or placename
  UK Street maps search by address, postcode, grid ref, lat/long,...
  Multi-Map various scales
  RAC Route Planner not exactly a map, but plan your road journey 
  David Rumsey map collection 8,000+ historic maps, mostly US but includes UK and rest of world, high quality zoomable graphics.
  Google Earth  Amazing satellite photography of the world - zoom, tilt, measure, play!  Needs Broadband.
MAGIC "The first web-based interactive map to bring together geographic information on key environmental schemes and designations in one place" (from their website).  
Leeds Statistics Leeds stats on maps
Leeds planning maps Zoomable to amazing detail in the "Public Access" system: click on "VIEW MAP"
Miscellaneous Skeptics Annotated Bible The entire text of the King James Bible, with inconsistencies and controversial material highlighted and indexed: I fell over this while searching with Google to find the origin of some curious biblical words to something our choir was singing!
  Swarthmore   Independent education centre in Leeds.
Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis's site, full of money saving advice ranging from Tesco vouchers to Inheritance Tax - with optional weekly email and a wide range of discussion boards as well as main articles
Petronius Arbiter that "reorganisation " quote - analysis of the myth!  My thanks to SN who kindly told me where this had reappeared after it moved from its previous URL!
Greenwich Mean Time Online equivalent of the Speaking Clock - check whether your computer's time setting is accurate?  Same site includes world times
Hassleme get sent an irregular reminder - specify the message and approx frequency!  Fun and free.
Phone book etc BT Directory Enquiries UK online phone book, personal names or businesses
  UK Postcodes  From the Post Office - from address to P'Code or v.v. - but you have to register
  International phonebooks Comprehensive listing
Political parties Liberal Democrats Also Leeds Lib Dems and Greg Mulholland MP site
  Green Party E&W  
  All British parties Comprehensive list from Keele
 Politics: other stuff Charter 88 "Unlocking democracy"
  Early Day Motions which MPs have signed which motions
  Euromyths official EU de-bunking site!
  General Election results etc
  Hansard what they really say, day by day
  Leeds City Council "Find councillors" etc
  Leeds North West BBC results page for 2005.  Also results of General Elections 2001 and 1997
  Parliament the official site
  ParliamentLiveTV  searchable archive of last 2 weeks in Parliament available to watch and listen
   TheyWorkForYou  Monitor an MP or watch for a keyword in Parliament - lists of info plus email alerts
UK Politics amazingly comprehensive site at Keele
Sailing ships Eye of the Wind ... on which we sailed in 1996 and again in September 2000
  Soren Larsen ... on which we sailed in 1993 
Screensavers, Useful SETI@home use your PC's spare time to analyse data in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
  United Devices Cancer Research Project  ... or join in a research project examining potential anti-Cancer drugs, from the University of Oxford, or other similar projects on the site 
Transport National Rail Enquiries UK timetables, Live departure boards, Special offers, etc etc
  TheTrainLine UK timetables and ticket options
  The Man in Seat Sixty-One Extraordinary site of practical information about international rail travel
   Transport Direct  National web site - bus/train/tube/ferry/car routes - splendid!
Unions Leeds UCU (successor to AUT) Local Association of the union for academic and academic-related staff (original webmaster:  PMD)
  National UCU site  
  TUC site  
Universities UK Sensitive Map from Wolverhampton, with links to similar maps for Research Institutes and FE colleges
  University of Bums on Seats worth a look, light relief!
Walking Ramblers Association working for us all
  South West Coast Path Association brilliant 600+ mile footpath with excellent support and campaigning group
  Hadrian's Wall National Trail  the next one to do?
Web stuff Alertbox: Current issues in web usability Jakob Nielsen's site, wise advice on web design, option to subscribe to fortnightly update
  Free Pint you can subscribe to fortnightly email service - UK-based info for people who use the web at work
  ChangeDetection you can be alerted when a chosen site changes - US site, but great way to monitor a "What's new" page
The Great Spam Experiment by Phil Bradley Phil Bradley's experiment: created 6 email addresses, did one thing with each, and watched the spam arrive.
  The Internet Archive  "The WayBack machine" - shows earlier versions of the site at any chosen URL, eg Feb 1997 Leeds University Library web page
  W3C Validator One stage of validation for Accessibility
  Virus or hoax? Symantec Two places to check whether a virus warning is real, or whether it's a hoax message doing the rounds
  Virus or hoax? Mcafee
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