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Names include: Davies, Bratherton, Brown, Moffat, Honeyman, Emery, Cormack, Halley, Pattison, Bell, Lamb, McQueen, Kinnear, Stark, etc. This couple of lines are included so that search engines will be able to find all these names, along with Genealogy, Ancestors, Ancestry, England, Cheshire, Antrobus, Sevenoaks, Scotland, Fife, Cupar, UK, Britain.

People labelled "PRIVATE" are those probably still alive, to ensure that the privacy of living individuals is not infringed by these pages.

People shown in RED are my ancestors, people in GREEN are blood relations, people in BLUE are related only through marriage.

Click on the blue square top left to get the tree back to its root position. Close the window using the "X" top right - the "Back" arrow means "Back to previous view of dynamic family tree", and won't get you out of it.

This tree is produced using dft2com software. Highly recommended - simple to use, just input a gedcom file.

I've separated it out from the main "family" page to avoid slowing the downloading of that page.

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