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In February 2003, after signing on the dotted line to accept Premature Retirement Terms and retire on 31st July 2003, I decided it was time to join the Guild of One-Name Studies.

I'm now registered as member 4075, studying the name of BRATHERTON (my maiden name).  The intention was that these pages would grow and develop after I retired, but so far (Nov 04) there has been too much else to do!

Do contact me if you've got any BRATHERTON information or enquiries, at the email address

Brathertons: Family tree

The Family tree of my own connections, including Bratherton, Moffat, Brown and Honeyman lines, but only down to my Grandparents' generation (eg Harry Bratherton 1881-1942) to protect the privacy of living people.

Brathertons: Statistics

The Taliesin database, from NHS England and Wales records, has 287 Brathertons. This puts it as the 16,859th most common surname, and gives an estimate of 267 Brathertons in today's England and Wales population. By contrast, there are 1,544 Brethertons (4,646th) and 2,499 Brothertons (3,048th) in the database (population estimates 1,436 and 2,324 respectively).

The 1901 UK census lists 105 Brathertons - but omits many of them including my grandfather and great-grandfather whose household appear as "Bralliorton"!

Brathertons: Births, marriages, deaths

I've been working through the St Catherine's microfilms (indexes to registers of births, marriages, deaths) looking at Brathertons.   Your nearest large public reference library (in UK) probably has the same microfilms or microfiche, where you can search by surname within each quarter's registrations. 

I have collected: 

  • Births 1837-1903
  • Marriages 1837-1930
  • Deaths 1837-1935

I have created a  Bratherton archive on the Guild of One-Name Studies webpages, where you can search them.  

 FreeBMD is a superb setup which offers free online searching of a growing proportion of UK Births Marriages and Deaths data, transcribed by 5000 worldwide volunteers including myself.  Please consider volunteering, if you'd like to help this very worthwhile project. 

Brathertons: Miscellaneous 

While keeping a look out for Brathertons, I've found:

A fictional Bratherton:

The Web site includes a "Colonel Bratherton" as one of the characters in its episodic web-based story. He appears in one scene in the music room. I asked the creators where they got the name from, and they told me they just invented it because it sounded right! The Colonel features occasionally in the local paper, the Puckering Gazette

A gooseberry:

In Billericay in Essex there is a street called "Brathertons Court": just 5 houses, too small to show up on most maps, but here is a map showing where it is. It turns out to be one of a group of streets built on a piece of land called "Gooseberry Hill", and named after varieties of gooseberry. The Royal Horticultural Society had a variety called "Bratherton's pastime" growing in their Chiswick grounds in 1861. I'd love to find out more about this!

Scottish records:

The "Scots origins" web site includes (in 2003) 2 mentions of the name Bratherton. One is a mistranscription on a birth certificate: having seen a facsimile of the original I'm sure it's Bretherton. The other is a Martha Bratherton in Edinburgh in the 1881 census.  She was aged 20, "Scholar", at Orwell Place, Dalry House Episcopal Training College, St Cuthberts, Edinburgh.  There are no other Brathertons in "Scots origins", which includes births and marriages in Scotland 1553-1900 and deaths 1855-1925, and the 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses for Scotland.

Misprint Brathertons:

Searching the web finds two regular "Brathertons" who appear really to be Brothertons.

  • A paper on "150 years of vegetarianism" claims that "Joseph Bratherton, a Member of Parliament, was an ardent vegetarian, and his wife in 1810 produced what we think is the first vegetarian cookery book in the world.".  Sadly I think he was a Brotherton.  This article also appears on the web translated into Italian as it was given at a conference in Bussolengo, Italy, in 1997.
  • An entry in the Library catalogue of  the "Biblioteca Histórica Doctor Nicolás León"  at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico is:
    • LOMMIUS, JODOCUS (CA. 1500- CA. 1564).
      To wich are added Medicinal OBSERVATIONS. In THREE BOOKS. Where in are enumerated. The DIAGNOSTICKS, PROGNOSTICKS...
      London: J. Bratherton, 1732.
      [16], 452, [4] p.20 cm.
      Traducción del latín al inglés por Thomas Dale.
      1. Fiebre. I. Dale Thomas.

But unfortunately the entries in the British Library catalogue and COPAC reckon that the publisher was J. Brotherton, so we don't have an 18th century publishing house in the family.

My Bratherton Family line:

My father is Harry Bratherton. His brother was the late David Georges Bratherton.

Harry's father was also Harry Bratherton, of Manchester, 1881-1942, married Margaret Moffat 1881-1964, born in Bruan, Caithness.

Margaret Moffat's parents were Marjory, née Cormack, (1839-1934) and Robert Moffat (1845-1905).

Harry's father was Alderman John Bratherton, died 1936, married (1875) Martha Emery.

Martha Emery's parents were Mary, née Humpstone, and John Emery.

John's father was George Bratherton of Antrobus, just south of Warrington, married Hannah Bell.

Hannah Bell's parents were John and Mary Bell of Antrobus,  which in the early 1800's was known as Sevenoaks.

George's father was also George Bratherton, married (1814) Mary Moadsley.

And that's as far back as I can go at present. For information about the connected families, see my general family history page.

Brathertons: two deaths

William Bratherton 1855-1910

My Great-Great-Uncle William, unemployed carrier's labourer suffering from rheumatism and sciatica, hanged himself in Great Budworth in 1910. I've found three articles in the local Northwich papers.

John Bratherton 1852-1937

My Great-Grandfather long outlived his younger brother, and was an Alderman of Salford and JP when he died at 84. I've found  two articles about his death and funeral.

Further contact:

If you're interested in any of these family connections, please get in touch (email to  

My third cousin Richard Sharples of Hexham, Northumberland, great-grandson of Alderman John Bratherton's sister Margaret, would also be interested to hear from anyone researching the Bratherton family. Contact him at .  

If you're interested in genealogy and want some starter sites I'd recommend GENUKI (for UK and Ireland) or other sites listed in my Recommended links.

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