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Hallo and welcome to my personal web pages, to all friends, relations, visitors.

I retired on 31st July 2003 from working at Leeds University Library (see Retirement party speech), but am fortunately able to continue to keep these pages on the University website.  

My work latterly involved Copyright and related matters and the University's Campusweb.  I created the Library's first web page in August 1994, and was webmaster for some years until the Systems Team (which didn't exist in 1994) took it over.  I was also webmaster for Leeds AUT . Slides and URLs from some presentations I've given are on these pages.

I've now put all my recommended links into one file, so I can maintain it more easily - it includes stuff about Archers, Dunnett, Health and Safety, Politics, Scrabble, etc!

Here's a brief biography and my Family History pages (Brathertons, Honeymans, etc), and a new BRATHERTON page.

The "lifetime" URL of (n.b. no trailing "/")should always reach this page or its successor.

My "lifetime" email address is p.m.davies77 at (no "at" symbol displayed here, in an attempt not to encourage spam at this permanent address)

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